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Abri French Bulldogs
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Before you become a puppy owner, you should find a good veterinarian experienced with
brachycephalic breeds. Search the internet for local doctors. Check out this website for vet
recommendations and add your own recommendations:
Dog ownership can be very expensive. Be prepared for preventative health costs AND those
unexpected costs. Consider purchasing health insurance for your puppy

Your local no-kill shelters need your help. Find a reputable shelter and pitch in. Check out these
french bulldog rescue networks. They can use your help.
The Morris Animal Foundation is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to funding research
studies to protect treat and cure pets as well as wildlife.
Morris Animal Foundation
The Texas Wildlife sanctuary started by the late Cleveland Amory
Black Beauty Ranch
Keep your frenchie from jumping on and off the bed by providing steps. There are many options available.
I like these in particular.
Easy Step Pet Stairs
Check out their soft-sided crate and the new folding crate too.

For really great dog toy selection check out Pet Edge
dog toys
Know who you are contributing to. The Humane Society of the US  is a big contributer behind the
political machine creating the current antibreeding legislation.
PETA is another political machine - they use terroristic and extremist propaganda to get their point
across. Their ultimate goal is to eradicate pet ownership.
Peta Kills Animals
Instead give to those that work hard, your local humane society chapter and other no-kill rescue groups
Need doggie day care in Miami? It's all fun at Dog Day Afternoonz, owned by Gina - an over the
top dog lover AND a french bulldog owner
Dog Day Afternoonz
If you are in the Hwy 380, Aubrey, Cross Roads, Krugerville or North Denton area and need a
reliable pet sitter, dog walker or other types of help services with your animal, please check out
Sheila Wilson. She has been taking care of my french bulldogs and horses since 2004.
Find fun french bulldog arts and crafts from various artisans around the world
Etsy - french bulldog hand made items