CH Miradon Stand Up For Love


Am. Can. CH RB's Standing Ovation

CH Cox's Goodtime Barnstormer

CH Cox's Goodtime The Jock

CH Cox’s Goodtime Jake of Jock

Cox's Goodtime Jock Of Bridges

CH Cox’s Goodtime Petite Minnie

Cox's Goodtime Li’l Charlsie

CH Cox’s Goodtime Charlie Brown

CH Cox’s Goodtime Isabella

Cox's Goodtime Jubilee

CH Cox’s Goodtime Bit O’ Gold

CH Cox’s Goodtime Dandy Andy

CH Cox’s Goodtime Megan of Ace

Stewart’s Darling Doris



CH Kobi's Queen of the Nile

CH Vi Du Lac Starhaven's Dante

Am. Can. CH Kishniga’s Benvenuto

Am. Can. Colonel Trusardi De La Parure

CH Kishniga’s Gladrags Showbiz

Vi Du Lac Starhaven’s Angel

CH Starhaven’s Mon Sauvage

CH Starhaven’s Hot And Spicy

CH Kobi's Kiss My Grits

CH Cox’s Goodtime Make His Marc

CH Cox’s Goodtime Dandy Andy

CH Cox’s Goodtime Mindy Lou

CH Fourstar’s Lucky Lady

CH Bandog’s One In A Million

CH Fourstar’s Dixie Belle

Miradon Feast Your Eyes

CH Petit Choux Indian Giver

Ch Atlantis Pantomime

Ch Cox's Goodtime The Jock

Ch Cox's Goodtime Jake Of Jock

Cox's Goodtime Li'l Charlsie

Cox's Goodtime Jubilee

Ch Cox's Goodtime Bit O'Gold

Stewart's Darling Doris

Whole Wheat “Oui Oui

CH Kobi’s On the Marc

CH Cox’s Goodtime Make His Marc

CH Fourstar’s Luck Lady

Starhaven’s Hot Cha Cha

CH Vi Du Lac Starhaven’s Hot Flash

CH Starhaven’s Charlie Had A Dream

Ch RB Miradon's Charlotte's Web

CH Kobi's On the Marc

Ch Cox's Goodtime Make His Marc

Ch Cox's Good Time Dandy Andy

Ch Cox's Goodtime Mindy Lou Ofkn'd

Ch Fourstars Lucky Lady

Ch Bandog's One In A Million

Ch Fourstar's Dixie Belle

Fourstar Kobi's Bubbles Two

BIS CH McBeth’s Thunder Lebulrosewood

Ch Rosewood's Oscar Le Beau

Ch Sonlit Europa

Fourstar’s Wine De Kenle

Ch Fourstar's Special Rebel Rom

Ch Kenle's Noel Gai